Desktops must be purchased in bundles of at least 5.

Basic desktop - $50 each
Just enough to connect reliably to the Internet and get a little officework done. Includes the GNOME desktop environment, the OpenOffice suite for word processing and spreadsheets, the latest Mozilla browser, and the Evolution mail client.

Multimedia desktop - $75 each
Everything the basic desktop has, plus audio/video tools such as grip, lame, oggenc, audacity, xine, mplayer, gstreamer, sox, xmms, rhythmbox, and the gimp.

Developer desktop - $75 each
Everything the basic desktop has, plus the best text editors, the latest GCC compilers, the DDD debugging tool, cvs, all the scripting languages and Java JDK.

The whole enchalada - $80 each
Everything from both the multimedia and developer desktops.

The fine print
Prices listed are exclusive of hardware procurement costs. Volume discounts are available - please inquire.