Hal Joshua Eisen


The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Software Tools Manager 2000 - 2002
Transmeta Corporation Santa Clara, CA
  • Directed all aspects of the software engineering life cycle process to deliver high quality software. Defined and created work-flows for developing projects and software tasks. Created document templates. Established coding guidelines. Mentored developers within the group on industry best practices.
  • Managed dozens of project schedules using MS Project. Created schedules with projects, tasks, and milestones, assigned resources to tasks, tracked progress, maintained project plans, and published project status to ensure multiple, simultaneous projects completed on time.
  • Authored dozens of specification, architecture, requirements, and design documents. Worked closely with diverse customers to define and deliver the right software product. Reviewed and edited documents written by group and department members.
  • Recruited 4 new employees into the group. Collected resumes. Designed and conducted phone screens. Organized interviews. Assessed candidates' value to the company.
  • Directed the engineering activities of 6 engineers. Evaluated performance of those engineers in relation to corporate standards. Nurtured career paths of engineers by working with employees to set appropriate goals.
  • Spoke at the TeamShare User Conference in Colorado Springs, CO (March 2002). Presented the RaceTrack command line tools enabling automated and other non-web interactions with the TeamTrack work-flow database. These tools were built by my group. Gave a similar presentation internally to the company.
  • Managed vendor relationships, including scheduling upgrades, reporting and tracking defects, procuring hardware and software, and acquiring contract sign-off.
  • Coded several projects in Perl and C++, prior to being promoted to group manager.

Engineering Manager 1998 - 2000
Brightmail, Incorporated San Francisco, CA
  • Managed a team which wrote 100,000 lines of Perl and C code, implementing a 99.99% uptime operational center.
  • Designed and developed internal operations center Anti-Spam tools in C, Perl, Oracle and HTML. Provided technical and architectural leadership for software development. Authored Functional Specification documents used by the Engineering, QA and Technical Documentation teams.
  • Pioneered formal software engineering process with Requirements, Designs, Code Reviews, Test Plans and sign-off procedures.
  • Managed two development teams. The first was the Anti-Spam Tools team. The second was a POP3 and Web Anti-Spam software team.

Technical Consultant 1997
Silicon Graphics, Incorporated Mountain View, CA
  • Developed internal web tools to support business model and group communication.
  • Guided and mentored programmers in development of middleware to dataware adapters.
  • Developed content browsing tool for TV programming environment.
  • Evaluated prospects and proposals for potential project commitments.

Senior Systems Administrator 1994 - 1996
Ellsworth Associates, Incorporated (National Weather Service) Camp Springs, MD
  • Guided team of over a dozen people in administering 200+ Unix workstations with 500+ users, including NFS (with automounting), DNS, NIS (also known as YP or Yellow Pages). Supported several public FTP data servers and World Wide Web servers. Performed extensive troubleshooting on all platforms.
  • Assisted users on all levels of accessing the workstations, local network and internet. Provided remote support for other branches of the Weather Service. Developed policies for passwords, "rogue" Linux boxes, and security. Taught classes on Unix and networking issues both for other system administrators and for the user community.
  • Installed and maintained GNU and X11R5 software on 4 hardware platforms and 6 operating systems. Installed and maintained other public domain software including a trouble ticket system in Perl and tcl/Tk. Built a Linux-based firewall for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics weather forecasting office.
  • Advised on equipment purchases totaling over $500,000. Interviewed and evaluated new personnel.

Software Support Specialist 1991 - 1994
Empress Software, Incorporated Greenbelt, MD
  • Consulted extensively at customer sites, including the Navy's Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center and Fairchild Space and Defense. Responsible for creation of C and FORTRAN database API's, software architecture design, database design, utility development, and SQL script creation and maintenance.
  • Taught classes to customers, both at remote sites and in the local office. Classes ranged over the entire spectrum from introductory to advanced 4GL programming, database design, and optimization.
  • Staffed national technical support telephone hotline.

Computer Programmer 1991
Tri-Analytics, Incorporated Bel Air, MD
  • Designed and wrote, in C and LISP, a report writer engine and interface for a homebrew database.
  • Enhanced, improved and maintained database software written in C.


  Computers: Intel/AMD, Sun, HP, SGI, Cray
  Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, Solaris, UniCOS
  Languages: C, C++, Perl, Lisp, Python, Java
  Other Buzzwords: X Windows, HTML, TeX, PPP, PGP, majordomo, PostScript, Oracle, Sendmail, Postfix, CVS

Personal Notes